Lord of the rings online

Little time to play (real-life friends, food etc interfering). Vytautaz did almost last quests in Flaming deeps, destroying Worms’ eggs (poor worms!), killing Fire grims and collecting some planks.

Of course, there is much to do, but right now I am a bit stuck. Levle 63 is not bad, though not enough for lvl.59-60 quests. Nameless creatures, that I barely survived fighting with. Almost all other areas are finished. How am I expected to reach lvl.65 within Moria – little ideas.

Talked with kinnies about equipment. I am plagued by lack of quality one and – they say – chance that School/Library would drop some, is maximum 20%. Rely upon crafted one? At lvl.85 I would have Hytbold. At lvl.100 – Dol Amroth essence armour. Moria armour sets are just nonsense, giving less might than looted one. No critical rating, almost no physical/tactical mastery. Dear Turbine, please consider changing armour sets so that they mean something.

Logged Stormsong in hope of Pelagir runs, but untill midngiht there were none. Logged off.

And so the short day in Lotro has ended. Need to get at least 2 levels, then get crafted armour, craft myself a two-handed sword, immediately level it up to the max…and be ready for last, hardest, regions of Moria.