Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was active: helped one lvl.58 Hobbit Minstrel to defeat 2 named monsters with some 60.000 health. It was doable, few shing-shings and mob was dead. Minstrel was wise to stand at some distance: he would use AoE nukes, he would heal – in short, he would support me should situation turn grim. Minstrel was impressed, but I told him that al lvl.100 he would outperform any lvl.100 Champion. While champion would to monster, Minstrel would nuke mob:simple as 2*2.

Later ran School and Library at lvl.62. No armour drops, only lame tier1 relics and one cloak with evade rating. Cloak was trashed. Question with Vytautaz’ equipment still unsolved.

Vytautaz continued to do epic quests and ended with tragic defeat at Mazog. Over-brave, over-confident Dwarves! But no other race dared to face Mazog/Gorothul in Moria. Elves stood outside, Hobbitses ate pies/smoked weed, Humans were too busy choosing dark or light and disputing about King of Gondor…Beornings were probably thinking about honey.

My epic quests, I guess, ends in Moria. I have to leave to golden forests of Lothlorien. However, it won’t happen: need to reach lvl.65 and finally have some equipment.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.