Lord of the rings online

We have Yule festival. Yes, Christmas II, you know. It means more xp, more cosmetic and other usefull stuff. Ahelissa went there, grinded some 40 tokens and left (also, craftes some leather).

Vytautaz continued to re-explore Moria. Some things are still known to me. Some I have forgotten. In short, everything is going very well: I am advancing slowly, killing almost every killable stuff, looting things and enjoying growing. Yesterday reached lvl.62 and I hope to reach magic level 65.

By the way, finished Orc and Goblin slayer, both simple and advanced. Started killing rare elites (Kinship encouraged to do this). Some regions I avoid, sincve they are lvl.59 and once I hardly get away from 2 Nameless.

Also, finished Tome of Swords deed. 20 TPs + 1 Trait point. And ran Sambrog, lvl.60. And also asked for any lvl.60s instance, since I grew tired from endless slaughter in darkness.

Moria does not seem so grumpy and evil, it is huge and very time-consuming, also almost nice to farm TPs. And my champion is starting to do better, though many things are still complicated. No quality armour, AoE weapons (folks told I would need 2 handed sword) and still some questions on skill use.

In short, days were very good in Lotro, though I do lack a bright light of surface…