Lord of the rings online

Still (officially) ill, beign at home, enjoying ginger tea…and Lotro.

Vytautaz ran quests in Eregion, tries epic ones, got first LI (third age sword…but still better than nothing). New quest – make ti lvl.10. Ok, time for Eregion questing. I did most of available single-player quests and finally reforged LI for the first time.

I was ready to face dark, grumpy Moria with the tragic Dwarven expedition. Most of them died, some that remains – still hold in 21st Hall…yet they are nice folk.

Also, got legendary rune:nice add-on for my red line Champion.

Question on armour and equipme still stands. I need something better, yet cannot realize what. Legendary weapons are not a problem: my Naktieskarys will craft all of them. Problem is with the armour (still can’t figure about Moria armour sets) and jewellery. But with kin’s help, I hope to solve this problem.

Today we have maintenance from ~14:00 to ~18:00 Lithuanian time.