Lord of the rings online

Not so active days: I am ill  a bit, spending days with tea, medicine and lying home.

Stormsong was almost inactive.

Vytautaz quested din Forochel, a bit angry on low DPS he gets. For a single-target (red line) champion it is bad. Fortunately, kinnies told me I could travel to Eregion and star Volume II quests to get first legendary item.

And it started. Yes, I made a sin and skipped all quests, taking easy ones near Walls of Moria. Helped brave Dwarves in their preparations. Received first legendary weapon (Third age sword) and travelled to Rivendell to identify it. Now, it’s up to me to advance it to level 10.

Which I would do.  Unfortunately, i have to skip Eregion (Hollin, as they call it) for now. Of course, will return later, will do all local quests and deeds. But that’s only after I get equipment. Kinship is very helpfull with this too, advicing which set of armour to take. All I need now is level 65. Level for First age legendary weapon, then some First age rune too.

And so the days are going on – a bit illness in real life and some action in virtual one.