Lord of the rings online

Very limited to play – once again, happy personal life.

Stormsong was active: did Dol Amroth dailies, participated in Pelagir duo run (got only 1 Universal solvent:greedy Pelagir citizens).

Vytautaz resumed the boring Epic quest line. If not Legendary weapon, I would abandon it. Now, I fought in Angmar, travelled to Rivendell, witnessed how Elrond talked to Laerdan, once again some fighting.

Finally, Forochel. Icy world, home of beautifull Aurora borealis and shining snow. Oh yes, famous Forochel lake and one of most evil slayer deeds (icy grims). However, i like this region. Started doing quests, earned first 10 Turbine points for this good deed. Also, had to call kinnies to kill one strong named monster. Kinnie arrived, just slew monster, told “it was easy”. Yeap, exactly what I did on my lvl.100 Minstrel: one shot, mob dead, I noted “easy”.

Forochel is nice. I can travel almost freely there, I like landscape…and do not like local Lossoth too much. They are xenophobic ones, tretating every newcomer as an enemy. Come on, I am friendly red line Champion.

I still need guidance with my red line Champ. So far I feel my dps is low, I cannot deal easily with lvl.40 monsters not in single target, nor in group mode. Not sure which skills to use, what traits to equip. Equipment is really outdated, starting from weapon, ending with jewellery.

Nevertherless, the life is good in Lotro.