Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active, but once again – little time to play. No dailies in DA (boring), no Pelagir runs (Kin organized other runs). Talked with some other players about nicks.

Then helped one player with Angmar. My standard question “Who needs help with questing?”. One lvl.49 needed aid. Yes, mobs with 30.000 health were too hard for single player. While killing monsters, got 2 quest items – to kill evil messengers. Fight was somehow hard, even I lost health. Lvl.49 player was defeated, but fortunately, I resurrected him. Now, I have one more quest to finish in grumpy Angmar (should be some new one…).

We finished some killing, including Cargul and one named Angmarim. For me, it was easy: nuke, nuke, use few simple attacks, then nuke.

Promised to help one other player…but got too tired and logged off.

And so the day has ended – quite nice in Lotro.