Lord of the rings online

We have new update, Update 17.2. What’s new:
Anfalas starlit crystal now costs 300 Merit stars (was 450)
Scroll of empowerement now costs 90 Merit stars (was maybe 100)
Lowered price for lvl.100 scroll of empowerement in medallions and marks
In Gondor, lootboxes for factions now drop only those faction tokens and silver tokens (no more faction A lootbox that gives faction B and C tokens!)
Sambrog “made more challenging”
Some new quests in Minas Tirith.

Whats is important – lower prices for Anfalas crystals and scrolls. Now I am able to purchase more, while earning same. Less evil RNG with lootboxes is nice. Thanks, Turbine.

Other changes – I did not test them, be it stables in Minas Tirith or more challening (dislike challenges…) Sambrog.

Meanwhile, Stormsong did Dol Amroth dailies. More golden tokens, more silver tokens and Swan Knights tokens. Vytautaz was able to finish epic vol.1, book 11 and started book 12. It’s boring, uninteresting and volume I has entire 15 books. The only interesting point is Legendary weapon. I need it and will do my epic untill I get it; at lvl.65 I can craft first age LI.

Kinship ran Pelagir, but I was late for it. I amnaged to run Pelgair duo with lvl.64 Beorning. We got platinium, no matter hard situation. Also, managed to advice one player who was interested in essences.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.