Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did only Dol Amroth dailies. There was no Pelagir runs, so had nothing to do.

Vytautaz continued journey in Evendim. Go to one NPC, run to one on the opposite side, go to third, visit Annuminas…and alike. It was boring, I waited for this to end soon…but boredom got me first.

I was doing nothing. Few battles. Some exploration in Trollshaws. Some slayer deed advanced very little. And yet I am at book I chapter 11. Yes, I do know how this would end – the only reason that keeps me to do this is epic line. A line that would give me my first Legendary weapon.

Currently on Vytautaz I have many unfinished deeds, from exploration to slayer, yet very little will to do them. Maybe one day, when I am stronger, I would return to some grindy slayer.

On the bright side:almost no lag, so could quest happily and sometimes rant in World chat.

And so the day has ended, a normal, uyet unimpressive one in Lotro.