Lord of the rings online

After recent hotfix – experienced serious lag in Lotro. Lag in Bree, lag wherever I move. Was almost impossible to play. Aided one player with Annuminas instance (Ost Glinghant?). Player died twice, I wasn’t abe to protect him: even I was hit by lvl.42 monsters. Fortunately, we finished quickly.

Vytautaz continued adventures in Misty Mountains. Avoided quest to enter Goblin town. Took quest to kill Thunderstorm, big and mean Giant. Unfortunately, he is too strong for my lvl.55 (some 27.000 hp and some guards around). Would ask for reinforcements today.

Overall, lag is not good, everyone blames datacenter move. Otherwise, the day has been quite nice (even some TPs earned for completing quests in Misty mountains).