Lord of the rings online

Managed to quickly do Yule festival quests, barter 2 more Essence reclamation scrolls. Had to call for help in Theatre, but it does not matter. Yes, i have some Festival tokens left: would be nice addition next year.

Now I have some 12 Essence reclamation scrolls: should be enough for two sets of armour. Rest should be grinded somehow.

Vytautaz did some quests in Misty Mountains, doing almost anything local NPCs could offer.  Earned one more trait point…and wasn’t sure where to spend. Invested into critical chance increase. I really need someone to advice me on red line champion’s traits, skills, weapons.

And then we had a hotfix, I managed to do some stuff and even joke that hotfix is when Aragorn with Eowyn have some HOT (fixing)…Logged off.

Hotfix is probably due to housing problems. Players, as always, were impatient.

Faced one problem: gold seller. Reported, got very quick response…but somehow this happened twice this year. Maybe Turbine should ban not IPs, but MAC adresses?

Otherwise the day has been good in Lotro. Looking forward for more adventures.