Lord of the rings online

We had a maintenance, really long one – and not sure when it ended. Untill some 21:00 Lithuanian time – Lotro offline. Then went online, I did Yule quests, finally managed to play in local theatre.

And then maintenance (server move to New Jersey) struck. Server shuts within few minutes, my play was cancelled.  Later on, I logged in, did that theatre, built snowman. My questing in Yule was over, I had some 200 tokens.

Then we got one more notice: server restarts within 30 minutes. Naktieskarys managed to aid one player:craft lvl.100 sword for him. He sent materials and told he would pay 50 gold. I do not ask gold for crafting – told him to donate it (if he thinks he has too much gold) to newbies.

And then server restart, midnight Lithuanian time, had no time to check when world was online.

Visited Withywindle, where my Xgrinder started TP grind. World chat was quiet, there was nobody in Archet unburned. I ran, met nobody, then told “hello” in world chat, one lvl.15 player responded. We chatted a bit.

World chat and forums were full of people talking badly about downtime. One player told he would unsuscribe, another asked if this game got any subscribers, third told about “Indian support striking”…weird people. Downtime happens, deal with it.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Yule festival ends tomorrow, so I still have some time for grinding.