Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was busy with Frostbluff dailies, later was able to help one kinnie with quests in grumpy Angmar. It was easy and relaxing: I ran, nuked anything, he just guided me. Everything was easy – except him running into local Turtles and somehow aggroing enemies (someone had to deal with this aggro). In short, we did many things, explored, killed and looted. I was efficient and it was nice.

Naktieskarys participated in Kin event. We chatted, introduced each other, joked – atmosphere was just relaxing. Still some kinnies wonder about me being non-grumpy. Well, they would have to deal with it: I finally have personal life, job, everything is going on good. Later, everyone received some rewards for participating. Also managed to craft lvl.75 Guardian sword for one Lithuanian player.

Vytautaz started to be active. My long-abandoned, under-equipped Champion started to do epic quests, then taking some regional ones, starting slayer deeds (120/240 to kill…oh my!). One epic quest after another, quest rewards that are usually trashed, earned Turbine points and some stories. Of course, Frostbluff, earned 190 Festival tokens, bartered to 1 Essence reclamation scroll. Vytautaz is still not effective in combat, dealing little (80-160 damage), I have to wait untill he gets some nice legendary weapon.

Just how to get to that quest that let use LI? Simply travel to Eregion and take? Wait for redirect? Not sure, would have to ask.

World chat was full of name-police and language-bashing talks. I still can’t understand why to bash others over Kinship ads? If I had, Japanese kin, I would post ad in Japanese letters. If one dislikes Japanese – ok, feel free to ignore. Why bash, why claim other letters are “blackspeech”? Name police too was too active.

And so the weekend has ended – quite effective and good. One more run, 2 more Essence reclamation scrolls and my Yule grind is over with some nice results.