Lord of the rings online

No Pelagir or other Big Battle runs. Only few in World chat, but sometimes inexperienced players organize, so it could be risky:did not join.

Stormsong did standard Frostbluff quests, bartered yet another Essence reclamation scroll and felt quite happy. I was effective, my grind had sense.

Naktieskarys did Frostbluff quests too, levelled up one LI. Vytautaz too participated in Frostbluff, got Gandalf’s (Gandalf the Evil, Gandalf the always grumpy) role.

Naktieskarys participated in Great Barrows run with lvl.20s group. Quite nice to shing-shing…but group did not fully listen to me. I told that if any trouble, run to me,  not from me. Well, sometimes many group members died because of running from me.

We will have downtime at Jan.11. Then, we have preliminary notes on next update. Good news: we won’t receive random tokens from Dol Amroth dailies (only silver pieces and appropriate tokens); there would be NPC to barter any token to any other required at ratio 2:1; prices for Anfalas starlits and scrolls of empowerment would be lowered. Quite nice news, have to admit.

And so the day has ended, quite nice in Lotro (I have 3 scrolls to grind before Yule ends, yay).