Lord of the rings online

No Pelagir/Big battle runs: Stormsong had to stay in Frostbluff. That’s when temperature in Lithuania is close to -30 Celsius…

Standard festival quests: clean tables (lame Hobbitses, cannot master even cleaning), supply Dwarf with only one keg of ale, build snowmen, stuff teh stuffed, steal money, kill wood trolls, kill winter weather, cheer snowbeasts…

And then – long standing in theatre, throwing petails or rotten fruits to actors. Acting, but I mostly got Villain or Extra roles. And at last – Frodo role, I was good at it. Finished even throwing petails/fruits deeds and received Turbine points, titles and festival tokens. Finally, long festival grind is almost over.

Of course, I would grind for more and more tokens on my main toons: Stormsong, Naktieskarys, Vytautaz. Goal is clear: one Essence reclamations croll bartered on each toon.

And so the day has ended: earned Bard title by throwing rotten fruits. A kind of … nice thing in Lotro.