Lord of the rings online

Only Stormsong was active. One Pelagir 2-man run, one 6–man run. Rewards were – one good essence one mount I already had and few trash jewellery. But I had fun, received many merit stars/medallions, that’s what matters.

All other time I spent in Frostbluff. This time – doing “throw rotten fruits / flower petails” deeds. Each deed is 5 Turbine points and some Festival tokens. Quite nice and easy way to obtain 15 TPs plus tokens.

We discussed incoming lvl.105. Almost everyone is afraid of new grind in the name of grind: new tier of essences (so new grind for them), new tons of scrolls of empowerent, Anfalas starlits needed for Legendary items. Overall – we fear boring grind.

These worries aside, the day has been good in Lotro.