Lord of the rings online

Little time to play:real life intervened and was more important than virtual joys.

Vytautaz and Naktieskarys did Frostbluff quests, grinding for tokens: essence reclamation scrolls are too cool to be missed. And it does save Turbine points.

Stormsong run Frostbliff quests, earned “Laughing stock” title and 5 TPs, then participated in Pelagir 2-man run. After unsuccesfull Great barrows farming (there were 3 groups running aroud), aided lvl.30s group with Fornost, then – lvl.25 group with Great Barrow.

The last group was fun, I was told to heal only. Well, guess my heals were effective, especially AoE ones. Some members left, so I was asked to dps and it gladly. We finished run very quickly and I felt really satisfied.

World chat had discussion what race does Adele belong to. I told she was Dwarf, because she is nice and intelligent and sexy. Later it become clear she was a Balrog… One kinnie started very interesting carreer – looks like he would always be level 20 and quest this way.

Up to January 12, I am planning to farm Yule festival for tokens: be it for essence reclamation scrolls (3 toons, 3 scrolls) or grims or mounts. Then – not sure what happens then. TP farming?

And so the days have ended, veryr happy in real life and nice ones in Lotro.

Happy New Year everyone!