Lord of the rings online

No Pelagir runs yesterday, no matter how much have I asked for.

Yule festival: ran quests, except “Driving them off” and “Charitable spirit”. Finally, Yule quests deed “The more the merrier” (Tier 3) is finished, I got some gold coins, Yule festival frame – and finally went shopping.

Bartered Yule festival mount, steed and 2 cosmetics. Steeds are not impressive: plain horses with some blue cosmetics. Not too impressive, yet it is my own collection. I have always enjoyed collecting them. Not, it is my chance to resume. Also, bartered essence removal scroll – at least something usefull. Could make my other toons work on it.

World chat was full of half-sense talks. Somebody posted advertising in Russian, other persons trolled about “Blacpeech”, “No, it is Khuzdul”, OP told he was offended, but later this case was forgotten. When would folks understand that Kinships may advertise in other languages and if you don’t like it, ignore it?

Xinderbor finished all quick deeds. Hendroval slayer (advanced) and explorations in Ered Luin were skipped. Then – some slaying in Bree, using reputation items. Result, some 200-300 Turbine points + some crafting materials + great fun.

And so the day has ended, almost good one in Lotro.