Lord of the rings online

A short day: Pelagir duo, very fast, very good, catapults firing, all side quests done. Rewards – lame, some second-handed essence.

Frostbluff. Daily quests, except beggars, I am very close to Yule festival tier3 deed. Have some hundreds of tokens and now it’s just a question of steed cosmetics: isit worth purchasing or should I spare tokens for Essence removal scrolls?

Pelagir 6-man. I ran Vanguard – with probably lame setup, lagging, sometimes not getting kills. Nevertherless, I did my job and we got platinium. Rewards were lame again, some second-handed essence. Others keep getting First age symbols etc…only I get trash. Perhabs I should consider changing sides and attack Pelagir. Corsairs would certainly give me better loot thant greedy Pelagirians.

I need to get advice on my Vanguard setup: it’s probably lame, since I had no idea where to invest to. Also,an advice on my Minstrel’s jewellery – too many, too different opinions on it.

And so the day has ended, it was greedy, but yet fun in Lotro.