Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Did Pelagir 2-man, platinium rewards…in merit stars. Nothing more, you greedy citizens of Pelagir. Then Frostbluff, did all quests, including donating tokens to beggars. Did this 10th time, completed deed, received compensation of 50 tokens. Well, my charity ends there, not going to lose 5 tokens each single day. Less quests, more tokens.

Then, Pelagir 6-man. We had lvl.82 kinnie who was in Pelagir fot the first time. Run was almost smooth, we finished all challenges in time, I managed to use catapult as often as possible…but somehow we did not get platinium. Not sure why. Rewars were lame again: 2nd age symbol, 2 rings and one supreme essence of Fate.  Greedy, greedy Pelagir citizens.

Well, I am a bit disappointed with Pelagir citizens, have many questions about my Minstrel’s setup and must use my Xinderbor to grind TPs.

And so the day has ended – kind of good in Lotro.