New updates announced. We have combat robots (Loremastering?), cosmetic appearances (for cash), more cosmetic for Loyalty tokens (once again, paying customers only) and alike. Maybe it’s time to re-install Istaria?

Lord of the rings online

Real life: pure fun and joy with friends, so had time only to accept Hobbit presents and say “hi’ to the Kin. Kinship enjoys that I am really happy and enjoying my real life.

Only yesterday had a time to play. Pelagir duo, platinium. Frostbluff quests, more and more tokens. Then – Pelagir 6-man. Chaotic, disorganized run with nobody in charge. Failed 2 challenges (nobody was taking care of hooks), but I managed to destroy incoming corsairs with catapult). Result was gold reward…and now i have some 3000 merit stars, enough for 6 Anfalas starlits. Also, met one old friend, we chatted a bit about me and him.

Was happy enough to use my alt, Ahelissa: she made lvl.51 armour for a kinnie.

TP grinding toon (Xinderbor, who else?) leveled up to some lvl.8, then went to Frostbluff, enjoyed 2 acting in theatre. Some 40 tokens – bought remaining titles and gained valuable TPs. Later, went to Celondim and finished wolf slayer deed. This proves to be a bit…complicated: not too many wolves, many players.

I felt really happy with the real life. Life in Lotro was very nice. Just superb days there were…