Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active these Christmas days. Running Pelagir duo, sometimes – 6-man, yesterday – Helm’s Dike 6-man. We had very good team, superb leaders, so everything went smooth. Platinium result, lots of valuable medallions, merit stars.

We have briefly discussed my Minstrel’s setup. People are adviisng me one (a bit risky) strategy: to get jewellery of Fourth [something] from Dol Amroth high rewards. Then, invest into some “new blue shield from metalsmith”. Jewellery is risky, since: a) it’s unique, I can equip only one; b) it cosst some 750 memrit stars. Would discuss this later.

Was happy enough to aid one lvl.49 player in Eregion. The only monster where you need help – wood troll cave. Everyrthing went nice, we smashed all opposition. Also, aided another player with Battle for Aughaire. Results were nice too.

Yule festiva;l goes good too. Untill it’s end I should have some 400 tokens + some golden ones. Should be enough for steeds, steed cosmetics, essence reclamation scroll (and even leave some for next year).

And so Christmas days went in Lotro:quite happy and nice.

Merry Christmas everyone!