Lord of the rings online

Got home late, time was short and yet Stormsong used it for Pelagir 2-man, Yule festival (done 30 quests, got 2 golden festival tokens), Pelagir 6-man.

Palegir duo:with one non-Kinship player. Went very nice, we were very good team. Rewards were a bit lame – only one Greater essence of Physical mitigation, other stuff was so-so. Pelagir 6-man was pretty one, I got chance to fire catapults (my favourites) and tried one new tactic with fountain side quest.

Tactic worked, I was quite satisfied: a pity it employs using of my not-so-favourite traps. Rewards for Pelagir 6-man? Once again, a bit lame. I “threatened” to side with Corsairs next time, burn and loot Pelagir to the ground. Essences do not burn, and Corsairs should have some siege weapons. And with siege weapons, I would smash anything.

Ok, trolling aside:running Big Battles was good. I was good at plaving traps, nuking enemies. Getting platinium, getting rewards and preparing for lots of Anfalas starlits + scrolls of empowerement.

Life is nice in Lotro: I run Yule, it is nice; I always run pelagir, Kinship is active there (nice too). And I have a really good Kinship in a pretty good server.