Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was half-active. Nothing to do, standing in Bree – and then farming reputation items (especially Mathoms). Asking in Kin chat whether someone is for Pelagir duo. Finally we organized Pelagir 6-man, I got many merit stars (+1 trash jewellery).

Yule festival: doing same and same quests, now I got some 180 festival tokens. Enough for 1 essence reclamation scroll, but still lacking ~240 tokens for mounts/mount appearance.

Received one blind invite from that Minstrel who forgot word “please”. Rejected. Also, obcerved some wars on World channel concerning names. Some of them sound…not too wise…but they still are names. If I dislike them, I won’t provoke conflicts on chat.

Developers announced their plans for 2016:

  1. Level 105 (LIs would advance with us)
  2. New regions: we would be brought up to Black Gate
  3. New 12-man raid
  4. minor UI interferences

Well, level 105 is good. Level 110 would be very nice (only then could I try to enter cursed Ost Giliath). New regions does sound pessimistic: if we are brought at the entrance of Mordor…then next stop (2017) would be Mount Doom. The story ends then, unless Turbine makes up some good plan. Like “Shire under Saruman’s opression”.

Let’s make it clear: I like Lotro. I do not want it to stop at 2017 or 2018 or 2020. It’s the best game I have found with the best friends. If Lotro stops like Asheron’s Call – it would be bad. No other game (for me) can compete with Lotro. Istaria? Good, but graphic outdated and not so much to do, except building structures for other people. GW2? very nice graphic, superb voicing, very cute Asuras…yet no “me lvl.100, me crush anything ion lvl.20 area” + some restrictions for f2p.

And so the day has ended. I missed Pelagir duo, but otherwise day was good.