Lord of the rings online

Kind of busy days: Vytautaz finished grinding for Yule tokens, bartered last Grim and sent it to Stormsong.

Stormsong does all quests of Yule, each day – including “Such Generosity”. Not that I am so generous – it’s just +1 quest and at the end, I will be refunded 50 tokens. I need to grind for Yule frame (120 quests….) and steeds and steed cosmetics. Would hardly use these though.

With Kinship help, I am running Pelagir duo each single day. Sometimes I am lucky to run others, like Minas Tirith besieged.  No good rewards in essences, but quite nice ones with Merit stars. Medallions still very low: maybe because I need tens of thousands of them. I also managed to run some Pelagir 6-man, including one time when I was Vanguard.

Started experiencing technical problems: 1) everything starts rotating, pressing X does not help and relog is not an option; 2) World chat: sometimes I can type there, see what I type and see nothing what others type. Relogging helps, yet it’s annoying.

Helped some people, including one interesting group. Level 80s minstrel, captain and lvl.100 me. Doing some instances to grow up. Minstrel: a player who forgot word “please”, like “give me [loot name]” or just “[loot name]”. We tried to do Great Goblin, but ultimately failed. It was enough for me, I quit…with not so brilliant impressions about that Minstrel.

Overall, things are going good. I am helping others, my kinnies help me – life is just nice.