Lord of the rings online

New update is there. Yule festival is there. Update – something about new Big Battles, not too interesting for me.

Yule festival: this time I am glad to do it. We have little Big Battle runs, so – new activity, more tokens…and grind for Grims + (possible) steed.

Stormsong did all the quests in Yule – we have no new ones. As always, I sided with local poor people, ignoring “Driving them out”. Participated in local theatre, though was not invited to act (needless to say, my favourite role was Gandalf the Grumpy).

Vytautaz went to festival, used some 140 tokens and bartered for grims. Two of three grims obtained. Other needfull things include:
1) Shadow Grim – 75 tokens
2) Essence reclamation scroll – 180 tokens
3) if tokens allow – steed or steed appearance.

My other toons may participate as well grinding for token or maybe even Essence reclamation scroll (boud to account, but who cares?).

Kinship has more new members from former servers. And i have managed to run Pelagir duo, rewards were nice…yet only one Greater essence (of Fate). I am still low at Merit stars and medallions: do need at least two Pelagir runs (2-man and 6-man) every single day.

Otherwise, things are going well. Yule means additional TPs (+20, I guess), the only bad thing is lag (even Shire was reported to be lagging) and more activity, more happy am I. Things are very good in Lotro.