Lord of the rings online

Had limited time to play. Logged in Stormsong – there was no Big Battle runs. Absolutely none. Ran to barrows, grinded for some reputation items: received mostly +30 ones, some Cordolan trinkets, a bit of mathoms.

Then, one kinnie told he was killing goblins in Goblin town for a deed. An opportunity for me – asked to group, he invited…and we went. I slaughtered Goblins on my way, just for fun. Looted several reputation items, some crafting materials. Finally, one last button found, last location scouted. Misty Mounts metadeed completed, some TPs received, as well as lootbox.

Lootbox contained trash, as always.

World chat was full of discussion on roleplayers and those who dislike them. A bit strane people are discussing it. RPs and non-RPs must co-exist in peace, that’s all. Don’t RP – no problem, just respect those who do. If you RP, respect those who don’t.

Tried to think about Anfalas starlits and how many I may need. Still too many, still many Big Battles to run, lots of Empowerement scrolls to get. Used almost all DA golden tokens for that.

And so the day has ended: quite blank in Lotro.