Lord of the rings online

Xinderbor ran for Turbine points. Intro, then Celondim wolves, then Goblins (lazy Limael, offer those Goblins wine and kill them all!). Deed accelerator, xp boost – rush for Dourhands/hendrovals, then ride to spiders, skipping Elven ruins deed. Return to personal home, quick ride to swamps, doing all slayer deeds. Time was running short, but I managed to do slayer deeds 9advanced) and some class deeds. Finally, sold eveyrthing, used maps in my house.

Turbine points earned, I was able to purchase additional 5 inventory slots (account wide) for 296 TPs. Slots purchased…though valid for Stormsong, not Naktieskarys. Then – Stormsong. Few Pelagir duo runs, one Pelagir 6-man and some others. After runs – bartering Anfalas starlit crystals for Naktieskarys. Bartering Anfalas scrolls of empowerement for Stormsong.

And yet I have not enough merit stars/scrolls of empowerement. Stormsong needs 3 starlists for (yet to be crafted) lvl.100 bridle. Naktieskarys needs God know how much starlits for Grumpy rune (after I imbue it). Both need lots of Empowerement scrolls.

Inventory slot purchase seems…well…half good. I thought it would add +5 slots to every toon, no matter ex-vip or not. However, I would grind for another TPs: Naktieskarys needs more inventory space.

Stormsong managed to aid one player with ost Guruth quests and another player – with Fornost shadow wing. However, we failed final boss: we were two, my colleague was killed too quickly and we had to have some 3 men. Well, i at least tried…

The days were quite good in Lotro. We have superb Pelagir runs, almost every run results in Platinium and nice rewards. Days were almost perfect in Lotro.