Lord of the rings online

Xinderbor did her best to grind TPs: ran throughout Barrows, killing barghests and wighs. When these were finished – rushed to say “hello” to local Orcs and finished slayer deeds. Then – once again, quick ride to Bree vault. Using all Mathoms and Cordolan trinkets. Finally, some 1700 Turbine points.

Lotro store–>Favourites–>250 mithril coins for 1600 TPs (discounted). “Thank you for your purchase”.

Then – to my Stormsong, two Pelagir runs. Pelagir duo: was really bugged. Some Corsairs stood and did not want to attack us (green, not red). They were not attackable and did not respond to my AoE. Finally, they realized to attack…but just stood in attackable groups. We killed them easily. Eloghir and his soldiers were not visible at the barricade phase. At last phase (catapult one) – once again, some enemies did not want to attack us. However, things were quickly done, full Platinium, lots of merit stars (and not so lots of medallions). Pelagir 6-man run was a bit laggy. One kinnie built ballista and needed to guard it. I stood at Fountain. At catapult phase – managed to make some shots. Rewards – almost everyone got Merit stars, except one kinnie: she received Supreme essence of critical rating. Nice, she really deserves it.

Now we have December deals: up to December 17, discounts on storage and even inventory slots. I do lack TPs and time. so would probably have to concentrate on inventory (or shared storage?).

And so the day has ended:quite good in Lotro. Unfortunately, I’ll be offline today and tomorrow…