Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was inactive: no runs were planned/runned.

Xinderbor started killing brigands. Had limited time, but hunt was quite nice, even some equipment dropped (hat with + critical chance %). At the end, I reached level 17, got Call of Orome and started Barghest slayer.

Game refunded some of time toons: we should have gotten The Bard title and 5 TPs – now we got what we earned.

Ahelissa decorated Kinship yard with yet another Banner of Many Worlds and stored some stuff: clothing (including cosmetics), mark acquisition scroll and some others.

Lotro store:looked at it for crafting items. yes, we have all of them, from field to forge so that our house can become crafting station. Each structure is 495 TPs. The only problem is placing:some are described as Large yard or Large furniture; some are described as Large Yard only (Forge; though rumoured to fit into Furniture).

At the end of the day I had some 1569 Turbine points, only 40 to purchase 250 mithril coins (and well, use them for item advancement). It will be quite easy:
a) barghest slayer – 5 TP
b) barghest slayer, adv. – 10 TP
c) wigh slayer – 5 TP
d) wigh slayer, adv. – 10 TP
e) journal of Cordolan prince – some 5 TPs
f) Kindred with Bree – some 40 TPs
g) Kindred with Mathom society – some 40 TPs.

That’s NOT including optional Orc slayer deeds (+15 TP), Ered-Luin exploration, fortresses of Bree land and History of Dunedain. What happens after I purchase mithril coins? No idea. Possibly – grind to another 1000 TP, just in case vault/shared vault is on sale.

Other news: 18 December we have Yule festival. Would take my Ahelissa there, let her level, earn tokens and barter missing Moria map.

So the day has ended: a neutral one in Lotro.