Lord of the rings online

Update 17.1 first: yes, finally located 2 housing crafting facilities. Requires large yard (!), cost – 495 Turbine points. A pity it is in yard – I was hoping Study or Workbench could be in house. Would I need them? Hardly. They were needed as means for fast crafting – now they won’t be.

We also have some Anorien shields as decorations and even cat. Cat fits int large furniture and may even patrol your house (from time to time).

Stormsong continued running Big Battles. Pelagir duo – superb run, catapults swept away any foe and we got platinium. Rewards were nice merit stars – I do need them, lots of them. Later we ran Hammer 6-man: this one was lagging and bugged. Everything loads slow, then we had Troll drummers and 2 of them were out of catapult reach. Then – terrified/subjugated soldiers, we had unnatural many waves of Orcs coming in groups. As we fought, other Orcs raided wall and even destroyed supplies: platinium was gone. Nevertherless – merit stars received, this does matter. Finally I ran Hammer duo with another kinnie. This time things went nice (except lag). Total rewards were merit stars, medallions, lvl.100 second age symbol and Greater essence of Will.

Xinderbor started Bree slayer deeds, did one quest just for fun and turned in some task items: everything in order to get more experience faster, reach level 20…and grind for reputation with Bree and Mathom society.

In short, things are going pretty well: I get valuable merit stars,sometimes play with Auction house to receive gold. Life is quite nice in Lotro.