Lord of the rings online

We have Update 17.1

Gift of Valar – extended to level 95. More players who know nothing what this skill does or what trait tree is;

Crafting stations at house – we finally have those…though for me it is lore-breaking. Purchasable at store;

New mounts/cosmetics – nice, I won’t use it, but still nice;

Weapon cosmetic (looking like monsters weapons) – nice stuff, though I won’t use it;

Some of Big Battles fixed, PvMP somehow fixed, some problems acknowledged.

Crafting stations is the biggest question for me. At one side – more effective crafting.Place crafting station close to housing chest and craft as much as you need. No need to run from vault to, say, forge and back. Something players always asked for, along with stables near house. Is this really necessery? For me, housing is just storing and decorating (more into decorating), not some alternative to town.

Gif of Valar: well, pessimistic with this. I joked at Kinship chat that “if I was Turbine, I’d charg 1000 $ for that” and thought extended Gift of Valar was a joke. Well, it means if I have enough money, I could buy pretty much everything: level 95, xp accelerators to quickyl become lvl.100, all crafting recipes, as much Anfalas crystals/scrolls of empowerement as much as needed.

Meanwhile – Stormsong did Pelagir duo, everythign went really fast and effective. Then my TP grinder went into group with lvl.50 and quickly did Ered Luin slayer deed. Hunter and Minstrel – a nice duo, have to admit. Finally, I was in Bree and ready to start new Tp grind.

So the day has ended, quite good one in Lotro.