Lord of the rings online

Weekend – almost without Lotro. Happy personal life, the only explanation. Had very limited time to log in, take Hobbit presents and log off. Only activity – at Sunday.

I had many things to do. Running Pelagir with kinnie – we both knew what and when to do. Full platinium, rewards – in so desirable merit stars. Then – logging Naktieskarys, running Hammer of the Underworld 6-man and Pelagir 6-man. Rewards – with merit stars too, plus some (not-so-desired) essences and First age symbols. Running with kinnies is a pure joy. Everybody knows what and when to do; only question – who is running Vanguard and who takes that side quest.

Dunedanmule is no more. Say wellcome to Ahelissa, eternal leader of The Grumpy Kin! After all, it’s better to rename to something realistic than wait to be renamed to something you won’t memorize. She spent some time decorating house,mostly with Banners of the many worlds. Still can’t decide what stuff to put into Kinship house chest: something un-needed that may only take space. But – like what?

Lotro announced new sales. Quest packs are 20% off, including Gondors and Anoriens. They are too expensive (return of interest – around 100 Turbine points). We, however, have mithril coins on sale: 250 mithrils are for 1600 TPs (and I have 1399). Also, there are some steed cosmetics.

Also, Update 17.1 is announced. We would have crafting facilites at our houses. Purchasable for TPs only (not in-game gold). I am a bit sceptic about that, but…let it be.

TP grinding toon, Xinderbor, started new adventures. First deed (wolf slayer in Ered Luin) was problematc. There were 2 groups running and I got no invites. Had to compete. Goblin slayer was very easy, today I will continue grinding TPs untill I get 1600.

And so the happy days were in real life and Lotro. Kinnies sometimes wondering “happy Nak? Am I dreaming?”. No, you are not, my “grumpyness” has always been more of roleplay.

Life is shiny and good once more for me.