Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued (boring) epic quests, did some Trollshaws quests – just for reputation. I need Kindred with lame Elves of Rivendell and would do as many quests as needed.

Stormsong ran Pelagir duo. I really like part with catapults: aim, wait, fire and enjoy less enemies. We are instantly running it with one kinnie – he seems to enjoy Pelagir too. Later on, we ran Pelagir 6-man. Everyrthing was nice, I was running Vanguard (the only purpose – to use stun),occasionally dps’ing monsters. Loot was mostly nice (merit stars), 1 second age lvl.100 symbol and few essences.

One player in World chat enjoyed himself with trolling, telling almost every second player “<name>, one we won’t see after January”. It ended up in me putting that troll on Ignore list. I usually do not put anybody on Ignore:this troll deserved it.

Unfortunately, I was experiencing some lag, so had to log off soon. Now I have >2000 merit stars and some 3200 medallions. Quite nice, still need about 23.000 medallions (and as many merit stars as possible).

And so the day has ended – quite good in busy Laurelin.