Lord of the rings online

My toons finally started their life. Emptying “mule” toons’ vaults, transferring tons of stuff into shared vault. Decorating houses, though my own Kin’s house looks a bit ugly. No decorations inside, only 1 chest. Even te chest is empty – can’t decide what to put there. The only thing I have used – was decorating garden with Many Worlds flags…and putting hoods into shared wardrobe. Changed titles, now all my toon have title “of Withywindle”.

Stormsong ran Pelagir and Minas Tirith, earning quite nice amount of medallions and merit stars. Then, as usually, asked if someone needed help: managed to aid 2 players with Garth Agarwen quests. Somebody even rememebered my phrase from Withywindle.

Kinship is full of new members, we are merging with another Kin from Laurelin. Also, Laurelin is very active world. World chat is full of theory on languages and history, Kinships actively advertise, runs are being organized. In short, there should be no question about “what to do”.

The only negative thing is lag. Lag in Bree housing area, lag in Dol Amroth, lag in DA vault. Lag in Pelagir duo. I guess Turbine miscalculated the influence of great many players.

Lag aside, things are going pretty good on Laurelin. My new home is just good one.