Lord of the rings online

Yesterday logged in – and saw Coin house of Dol Amroth empty. Message – “your kinship has been disbanded”. In-game mail that this world closes.

Switched to Laurelin. Logged in my toons, sold almost everything, deposited all money to shared vault. Xinderbor had some 29 gold coins, quite nice.

Then – deletion of toons, all but Dunedanmule were deleted. Logged off, then logged in – and voila, transfer. Select destination world: Laurelin (EN-RP). Transfer started, few minutes later I received email from Turbine that everything was ok and I was transferred.

New world, quite busy, full of kinshop advertisings. My Kinship was already there, I felt that I missed them all.

Then, housing problems. I had to find settlement that has Kinship house and Deluxe house nearby. Search was long, but finally I succeeded. Bought Deluxe house with my Stormsong. Decorated, some stuff was deleted. Had to position maps so that only those I like best would be displayed. Paid for all upkeep (that’s some 2 gold). Luckily, Naktieskarys got refund (7 gold).

Dunedanmule from Withywindle is now Dunedanmule-1 and has 1 rename credit. She bought Kinship house, paid for upkeep, bought housing chest slot for gold…and ran out of gold. Then – some decoration (basically moving un-needed stuff from my Deluxe house). Setting permissions for my own toons to enter and use stuff. Now I have some 60 slots to store stuff and walls where I can place maps. Quite nice.

Laurelin is nice, many, as they call themselves, “exiles from Withy”. I am not an exile, Laurelin is my new home. My Kinship is there, my new friends will be there too.

Adventure circle begins anew. Life would be really good in Laurelin.