Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz resumed his epic quests. Boring ones, enemies 20-30 evels below, equipment of my poor champion is outated and he did not gain any level (well…hard to get from lvl.54 to 55 with lvl.20 epic quests). Talking with Gandalfs, Aragornes, running to assemble Council of Esteldin etc. The only joy is to finish grey quests and possibly start green ones.

Stormsong was active one. Big battles – almost every single day. Sometimes I am lucky to finish few in one run (like Pelagir and Minas Tirith duo), sometimes have to wait. I have some 1520 merit stars and ~2000 medallions.

Now it is time NOT to think. Not to think that my future lvl.100 will need 3 Anfalas starlits. That my Champion rune would need 3 starlits at first and then many more. That for my Minstrel’s legendary book I will need around 210.000 medallions.  That does mean grind, but still doable.

Had many funny moments. Sometimes we joked about me that I am for any Big Battle. Sometimes we joke in World channel about parties in Mordor, where DJ Sauron is assisted by band “Da Nazgulz” and there are superb fireworks, provided by Saruman (not speaking about discussions with Orc heraldry experts on Goblin artists). Someone posted very funny “diary” of Frodo. Overall – it was really nice.

Of course, we await transfer, but it won’t happen untill January. Untill then – waiting.