Lord of the rings online

With little time to play (and real life forcing to do things like naking food, cleaning flat etc) – very limited time play. I had enough time to run Pelagir duo (one kinnie was kind enough), earn platinium reward and get some trash loot. Not too many merit stars or medallions. A pity. Bright side – I was good with catapults and some side quests.

I am trying to explain kinnies that my toon is no longer grumpy. Or very grumpy. I have job, I have personal life and soon would have stable income. No need to be grumpy, the only thing I wish – that Big Battle runs would be very frequent.

We also ranted at World chat about player who told that if he was to die, he would tell relatives to clear his browsing history. I trolled that it’s not needed, because them grandsons would tell: Look, our dad was an expert in adult websites and a pity he did not share this knowledge with us… More laughs, rofls, remarks – World chat was quite live.

And so the day has ended. I am not far from another Anfalas starlit (would need 3 of them for lvl.100 Bridle) and yet very far from full set of Empowerement scrolls collection. Trying NOT to think about my champion’s Legendary weapons imbuement…

And so the day has ended. One quite nice in Lotro.