Lord of the rings online

Personal life – back, job – back, so very little time to play Lotro. Only to log in Stormsong, take Hobbit presents and ask for Pelagir runs.

This time we managed to make 6-man run. Everything went almost good, except the fact one kinnie built ballista (it was destroyed by mobs) and 1 lame soldier died. I ran as Vanguard, managed to get 20 kills, use Stun on one mob…and on next one (Corsair named archer) I got killed, 20 kills were lost. Switched to Engineer, fired catapult once (I love it).

Pelagir was won, we got gold, but I received enough medallions to upgrade Healing skills power cost. Still many scrolls of empowerent to grind and prepare at least 3 Anfalas starlits for my briddle.

Folks keep talking about next Guild recipes and that we got rare Zircon shards. Which means – emerald ones are almost trash by now. A pity, I got some of them.

And so, the day has ended. Quite nice with good run and nice rewards. Life was good in Lotro once again.