Lord of the rings online

Running Big Battles – sometimes often, sometimes rarely. Grinding Merit stars and medallions. Finally, my Stormsong bartered the last Anfalas starlit crystal. Finally, I could concentrate on Scrolls of empowerement (and I will need many of these).

One time had a weird player. He joined, when we started Рhe just stood and stood, I told him to run to me, he kept silence. I asked if he can hear me Рhe kept silence. Finally, I was forced to kick him from fellowship. Only later that player responded if I still run Pelagir. I told Рno, though I was running.  People told me that player used such tricks before.

In real life, I finally got a job. As we say in Lithuania – “while u did not jump over ditch, do not say ‘I did it’ “. I kept silence. I told myself to believe only when I have my work ID at hand. ID is there – and I am not so grumpy in Lotro. Personal life re-appeared, I have some job.

It looks like Lotro decided to reward me. Got lvl.100 first age symbol drops, even supreme essence of morale (people tell, 500 gold on AH). Kinnies are joking: “that’s for not being grumpy”.

And so the life goes on, quite nice.