Lord of the rings online

Days of running Big Battles. Writing down Merit stars and medallions. Bartering Anfalas starlit crystals and scrolls of empowerment. Enjoying Big Battles with my kinnies (they are really the best). Enjoying Kin that does understand me from my jokes about Gandalf’s weed to congratulating my successes. I really am in Family there.

My time in Lotro…no, it’s not near end, I have much things to do. Just I will have far less time very soon. Kinship is informed, I will try to do my best to do Big battles, to aid whomever I can with whatever I can (weaponsmith/tailor/scholar services or just helping with quests). I will continue offering support in Worlc chat to whoever needs it.

Meanwhile, I really enjoy my time in Lotro. I can breathe there, I can forget many real-life problems. And enjoy new starlits, new, more powerfull, equipment.

The day was indeed good in Lotro. Soon, i will have duties to do and less time for game. My duties in game -to aid those who need it- will remain.