Lord of the rings online

Two days of almost non-stop action. Big Battles whenever I find a group, no matter what: Deepening wall, Deepening comb, Pelagir, Minas Tirith, hammer…No matter the size, be it 2 or 6 people battles.

Sometimes I am asked to be Vanguard. This is class I fail to understand. One thing I know: i must get 20 kills, then I receive stun skill and at some named boss I should use this skill. That’s all. What do other skills do – no idea. I positioned points in trait tree without even knowing how they should be used.

Things are going very good in Big Battles, I received enough medaillions to barter for 1 scroll of empowerement and after extensive fight I lack a few to barter 2 scrools. Anfalas strarlit is only 30 merit stars away (well, let’s try to forget I will need 2 more starlits for this toon and for this weapon…).

Scrolls of empowerent are the biggest trouble. They costs some 586 medallions and I am always short on medallions. Big Battles do give them, yet not that much. Yesterday I used 100 Dol Amroth golden tokens to barter 10 scrolls. And yes, I have some un-needed skills imbued with no chance to replace (then i lose scrolls spent on them). However, when I am done with starlits for my Minstrel book, I may focus on empowerent. And then? Then bridle, I still use lvl.95 one.

Had a talk in World chat. People linked 5-slot essence armour. Superb one, just ideal…and yet, barterable for Morgul crests. I will never get these since they are from very hard new regions and if 1 instance –>1 morgul crest, then I would get my armour…within some 120 days of non-stop playing…A pity. Faramir’s armour is so nice…

Meanwhile I am doing Big Battles, sometimes helping people. Trying not to think that Naktieskarys will need hundreds of empowerement scrolls and maybe 40 Anfalas starlit crystals. So far, my life in Lotro is just very good – this counts…