Lord of the rings online

Stormsong once again is the only active and has enough activity. First of all – Big battles. I am doing these each single day, ready for any BB that gives good rewards and is not too long.

Thanks to kinnies and BB – I have gained the last spendable Bb trait point and now am a nice engineer that specializes in traps. I have earned yet another Anfalas starlit crystal, some scrolls of empowerement and even an Essence removal scroll. Participated in fun 12-man Big Battle (of cause, a bit chaotic, but still….). We have superb raid leaders that answer every single question and know which perosn is best suitable where. Some kinnie even ask, when they enter chat – timke is for BB, who wants? I am always one who wants – Anfalas crystals are too rare as drops and my imbued weapon needs lots of crystals.

Received new essence armour from our leader (in addition to some quality new jewellery, already with surpeme essences). It might be very usefull one day, when I would have tons of morale essences. Basically it is tanking armour: only 3 essence slots (Dol Amroth armour has 4), has Fate (+90) and Morale (+1000) bonuses. Equip with, say, Greater morale essences  and receive 18.000 hp bonus. Yes, you lose dps, lose critical rating…but with such bonuses one could try to enter even Ost Giliath. The question – how would I ever repay the Kin such kindness – still stands.

I am starting a long-term program with alt creation. The goal is simple: start TP grinding toon, move her to Ered Luin, use slayer and skill deed accelerator and grind basic slayer deeds (maybe even class deeds). When Ered Luin slayer deed is completed, return to Breee, sell everything, deposit money and Slayer deed accelerator (30 minutes) + some tome of experience into shared vault. After some alts, log in Naktieskarys and take all slayer deed accelerators.

Why? Because I have unfinished grindy deeds in Western Rohan. Crow slayer (when we have some 5 crows in one spot), Goblin slayer (almost same), herd creature slayer…and evil slayer in Forochel, to kill those icy creatures. So, one pretty day, equipped with tens of tomes, Naktieskarys would go for some hunt. This is where melee classes are inferior to ranged ones.

Meanwhile, life in Lotro does go well. I have plenty of activity, I am grinding money for my alt’s Kin house and really having fun. Life is just nice in Lotro.