Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did traditional Dol Amroth dailies. Ran Pelagir (duo) with one friend. Then – managed to enter Pelagir (6 man).  Now I am very close to another Anfalas starlit crystal. And Pelagir goes just nice: I am good at placing traps, less good in upgrading/repairing. Minstrel dps + traps makes almost perfect combination.

Went to scout Ost Giliath. Oh yes, I was told by other players I need to scout one instance, there are little mobs…So I travelled to see it myself and (who knows?) get to those damned Culverts.

Situation: there are only 2 entrances, both heavily guarded. Explaining “heavily guarded” – patrols, then single group of some 10 (if not more) monsters. if they did not change anything – there are ranged monsters and magicians. Kinnie told me using warsteed is not optimal due to lag.

Result: unfortunately, I am right about Ost Giliath, it’s impossible to enter. Conclusion: I am stopping any tries to get there. Maybe one day Turbine will make OG enterable. Maybe we willl have level cap increase to 110 and then I could risk. Just not now.

Meanwhile, a new TP grinder was created, named Caralsol and grinded for many Turbine points. Being Human minstrel with slayer deed accelerators is pretty cool.

And so the day has ended, it was almost good in Lotro.