Lord of the rings online

Lithuanian proverb says – “if you plant wind, you will harvest storm”. One question in World chat had some…hard results. It was my typical question if anybody needed aid, except Gondor-Anorien. Some players IM’ed…and one needed help with Big battles.

Oh my gosh, I really am bad with this. But he somehow knew mechanic, he wasn’t interested in outcome – just to finish lame battle. And then we started, running 3 Big battles in a row. In some of them we achieved nice results, some were not so good (I completely forgot how to fight some). I was really shining: building traps, arming catapults etc. My colleague was very good at aiming and firing siege weapons and also as dps.

Loot was – mainly stars of merit, some pieces of trash jewellery and Tome of Will 10 (when i need tome of will 7-8). However, this allowed me to barter yet another Anfalas starlit chrystal.

I felt kind of satisfied with my participation. While not platinium – we still performed good. And i promised to help with other Big battles, because that player needs them for epic quest line.

Other nice outcome of Big Battles: bartered 3 Anfalas scrolls of empowerent. I am not sure how am I going to get, say, 100 of them, but I have to.

And so BBs daya in Lotro was over – and life was really nice in Lotro.