Lord of the rings online

Finally, some action. Naktieskarys started to do dailies to grind gold tokens and level up legedary weapons. I noticed he had some unfinished Westemnet slayer deeds, but these are really bad for melee classes. Kill 200 of crows…when I have some 5 at its best. Good for Minstrel, bad for Champ.

Stormsong was the one really busy. Managed to run Pelagir/Minas Tirith Big Battles almost every day. Sometimes I ran almost full set (2, 3 and 6 persons). Minas Tirith and Hammer of the underworldd are still chaotic and in some quests I still am getting lost.  “Save civilians” – while I see no saveable civilians.

Once my group told me to be a Vanguard. Well, it was hard. I had to compete with npcs to get 20 kills, then wait for some named monster and use stun on him. Not too effective, but I did not use other abilities: maybe Vanguard does something better. As an Engineer, i can feel usefull with all traps, repairs, upgrades.

Big battles went so well I could finally allow myself 2 Anfalas starlit crystals to barter and imbue my Minstrel book. It means more grind to get more Anfalas crystals and empowerent scrolls…but with groups that experienced I should have no problem.

It is only now that I noticed resources to be stacking at 500, not 100. Played with my vault and saved some expensive space. Kudos, Turbine, for making life better.

Adelb ended her tp grind…and Adelc was born. She employed different strategy: used all tomes while killing crows/dourhands in Ered Luin. Slayer deeds were completed in one moment and I spent some time killing everything…only to finish some class deeds. Then my Adelc was deleted.

In short, everything is going almost perfect in Lotro. I have some activity, I can upgrade my Legendary weapons and I am usefull to my groups. Life is good onxce again in Lotro.