Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: same lack of activity. World chat is almost dead, except occasional questions. Kinnies sometime do new Big Battles, but always in duo mode and always I am too late. No Tarlag’s Crown yesterday too. The only refreshing activity: finished troll slayer in Sarnur.

New toon was born – thought to name Adele/Adela, these were taken, so Adelb was born. Human minstrel, of course. Standard proceedings: intro done, quick ride to Celondim, wolf slayer, elf ruins exploration, goblin slayer, then killing dourhands, goblins, spiders. Moving to bree, doing spider, neeker slayer deeds in marshes and simple sickle fly slayer. After that – I am lvl.15 – class quest to receive nice weapon.

And I know what happens next: barrows. First, brigands near barrows (90 of them and it would be a bit hard without Call to Orome). When done with brigands – slayer and skill accelerator, additional xp tome – and voila to kill almost anything (especially wighs and barghests) till I am lvl.20.

Mathom hunter’s armour that I have despised for so long time has finally come to use. For TP grinding alts it is just perfect: I typically choose at higher levels (like 15) so that I have at least one quality piece of armour.

I am slowly gaining Turbine points. Maybe for Mithril coins, maybe for something else…but it is the only activity that interests me. I like it, when my toon is powerfull in an on-level area, blaasting almost anything.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.