Lord of the rings online

My TP grinding toon went through Ered Luin and Bree, doing quests, finishing deeds and earning almost 280 TPs (I was at 109, now am at 384).  Then it got deleted, just because name was risky and an easy target for reporting. TP grind was almost perfect and with deed accelerator – I managed to finish some class deeds. Things were realy nice.

Stormsong was doing standard Dol Amroth Swan Knights dailies. Then, got an invite for Pelagir (which happens very rare these times). After Pelagir – an invite to do new Big Battles. I was very reluctant, but since person I was talking to was always kind and helpfull to me – I agreed.

New 2 Big battles are just standard “stand on the wall and run in chaos” type. Various hordes climb on the wall while you are to defend (wall). Almost no siege weapons to use. Absolutely no barricades to place – ones that stand are very primitively drawn, cannot be upgraded. New invention is enemy Siege tower. It would approach, attach 3 hooks: player is to destroy hooks, then get inside, fuse 3 powder kegs and get away quickly. We managed to destroy 2 such towers.

We have new bosses in Big Battles, once these were 2 trollss with too much health, I had to become healer then.

The only positive thing is good rewards, I got many merit stars. Once again – I see no strategy there. A bit disappointing, despite having Gandalf and some weird NPCs on the wall.

Stormsong finally came to Tarlags Crown. First i tried to dps, to do thing I know I can do and I know how to do. Well, it turned out to be not so good. Respecified to healer and seems I was usefull to my group. At least next day they told me my heals were good. Healer is stlll a role I am not fully accustomed to.

Thanks to Update 17 I was able to barter 3 Anfalas crystals and finally finish my Minstrel’s legendary sword. This is so good change – all you need is to work in Big Battles and after few battles you may have your Anfalas crystal. Also, lvl.100 monsters are very kind to drop Anorien crafting materials – once again, it does save my time.

I still have some job to do: to discusss my Legendary items’ setup; to grind for more Anfalas crystals; to finish all quests in Tarlags Crown.