Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. She spent almost all marks, medaillions and bartered few seals to get all LI legacies to lvl.44. Did standard Dol Amroth Swan knights dailies receiving swab knights’ tokens she does not really need.

Kinnies confirmed there is no crafting reputation with Update 17. We have new Big battle picture and 2 new big battles.

Overall, I felt sad. I stood in the middle of Dol Amroth and all new content was locked for me. Others were enjoying new instances, new epic…but not me. I know I can’t enter Ost Giliath: my champ hardly managed to stay alive there, my squishy minstrel would be stomped to the ground. Since I can’t enter there – I won’t be able to complete previous epic and even start new epic.  And since everyone does new content, I cannot farm Pelagir or even some Sambrog.

Just a really sad day in Lotro, a tunnel without any light at the end.