Lord of the rings online

Update 17 is there, so game was busy while downloading many many files.

We have new epic questline. New region with hardly pronouncable name for 795 Turbine points. New crafting tier with all recipes already known. New Big Battles, instances. New set of armour (with 2 slots for essences), new crafatable 2-slotted jewellery. Imbued weapons get some new levels free and some – to be unlocked.

However, there are some problematic sides. Epic quests begin in Ost Giliath which is impossible for me to enter. That means very clear thing: I won’t be able to even start new epic line (if I want, I should be some lvl.110). Gathering materials is very dangerous. And new armour is just mockery, it’s not worth any effort: Dol Amroth essence armour is far better.

Next: I was not able to run Pelagir. Everybody was very very busy with new instances or Big Battles, chat was just flooded with new content advertising, like “Big Battle ABC, 1/6”. So, I just did my typical Swan Knights dailies, receiving tokens I do not need, then used tens of runes to get my imbued sword more power. One extremely kind good sould in World chat asked if anybody wants Crystal of Remembrance. Strangely enough, I was first and received this item, worth all the gold in Lotro. Then, i helped two lvl.52 with Sambrog.

The day was over. I stood alone, understanding that there is no new content for me, except two grinds: very risky crafting grind and Pelagir runs to get those stars of merit and finally imbue to Minstrel book.